Kurchatov Institute — Russian Research Center

Kurchatov Institute — Russian Research Center

Mikhail V. Kovalchuk

Founded in 1943.

In 1991, it was transformed into a scientific center. The main activities of the Center today are the safe development of nuclear energy, controlled thermonuclear fusion and plasma processes, low and medium energy nuclear physics, solid state physics and superconductivity, meson chemistry. The Kurchatov Institute also conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of molecular physics, physical and inorganic chemistry, chemical physics, plasma physics and chemistry, industrial safety, ecology, the element base of microelectronics, computer science, etc. Currently, the Kurchatov Institute Research Center is one of the largest scientific centers in Russia both in terms of number and breadth of scientific interests and experimental capabilities not only in atomic science and technology, but also in various fields of physics. The Center includes specialized institutes and scientific and technical complexes. The Center is directly subordinate to the Government of the Russian Federation.

PIR Center Advisory Board Member since 2002.

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