Gennady Evstafiev’s Anthology of Works

PIR Center carefully treats the creative and scientific heritage of Soviet and Russian diplomats. In 2022, within the project “Oral History of Nuclear Nonproliferation” and with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation,  PIR Center began preparing two books within PIR Library Series – anthologies of selected works by Amb. Roland Timerbaev and Gen. Gennady Evstafiev devoted to the problems of nonproliferation and arms control.

This book (in. Russ.) presents selected works of Lieutenant General Gennady Evstafiev (1938-2013). The publication includes articles published at various times in the publications of the PIR Center on international security issues – from the future of the nuclear nonproliferation regime to the prospects for the development of unmanned aerial vehicles and the policy of the United States in Central Asia. The book contains not only program articles and interviews, but also polemical, controversial, which can be discussed even today.

The works of Gen. Gennady Evstafiev determined the vector of research in the field of international security for decades to come.

The book is intended for diplomats, experts in the field of international security, as well as a wide range of readers interested in the history of nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament.