2021 Study Scholarship Competition

The Dual Degree Master’s Program in Nonproliferation, organized by MGIMO of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Midbury Institute of International Studies in Monterey (MIIS, USA) and the PIR Center, announces a competition for a scholarship covering a significant part of the cost of studying in the program for students from Russia.

The scholarships were made possible thanks to the support of the Nuclear Threat Reduction Foundation (NTI) and the cooperation of MGIMO, MIIS and the PIR Center. 

The Dual Degree Master in Nonproliferation is a unique and world’s first international master’s program in nonproliferation and global security. Program students begin their studies in Moscow (first semester), continue in Monterey (California, second and third semesters) and complete internships in international organizations (UN, IAEA, CTBTO, etc.), research centers, national governments and private companies (fourth semester). Graduates receive two diplomas from the world’s leading centers for training specialists in the field of international relations and nonproliferation – MGIMO of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Middbury Institute of International Studies in Monterey.

The approximate cost of studying on the program is $50,000. However, this amount can be significantly (up to 80-100%) reduced by receiving scholarships to pay for tuition.

The winners and participants of the competition will be able to participate in educational and scientific projects of the PIR Center, including the International School on Global Security, internships, participation in international forums at the UN site as part of the PIR Center delegation.

When will the results of the competition be announced?

The results of the competition, decisions on the provision of scholarships and their amounts will be announced in July 2021. This means that Russian students will have time to decide whether to choose a double degree master’s program or apply for another Russian program. The Competition Commission reserves the right to invite the candidate to undergo an oral interview.

What is required to participate in the competition?

1. Submit an application (full package of documents) to the master’s program through the website of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey (IMPORTANT: during the competitive selection for scholarships, applications will be considered only from those candidates who have submitted the full set of documents specified in the requirements of MIIS and MGIMO, including recommendations and certificates TOEFL or IELTS);

2. Demonstrate your interest in the problems of nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear energy and global security and experience in scientific, educational, scientific, informational and other work in this area. To do this, send the following to the PIR Center at edu@pircenter.org

2.1. The proposed topic of the master’s thesis and its brief justification (no more than 0.5-1 page in Russian or English).

2.2. Materials that confirm interest and experience in the topic of the master’s program, even if it is only educational and small (in Russian or English).

Such materials may include:

  • a list of publications on the topic in any language with valid links or sample publications;
  • a list of conferences, seminars, courses on the topic of the master’s program at which you spoke, preferably with valid links to the pages of these events on the Internet;
  • scientific and educational works, including essays, term papers, dissertations or chapters of dissertations, abstracts of speeches, etc. (in any language);
  • any other materials that may confirm interest in the main topic of the program.

If you do not yet have publications and/or study papers on the main topic of the master’s program, we can prepare and send an essay in English on the topic “Key challenges to the NPT review process in the XXI century”.

The Competition Committee reserves the right to invite the candidate to pass an oral interview.

Deadline for submission of documents

To participate in the competition for a scholarship, you must submit a complete set of documents for admission to the program through the MIIS website and send materials confirming your interest in the field of nonproliferation and work experience at the PIR Center to edu@pircenter.org. PIR Center extends the acceptance of applications from Russian applicants for the Nuclear Threat Reduction Foundation (NTI) scholarship until July 9, 2021.

If you want to apply for admission to the program, but are still waiting for the execution of any documents, please inform the organizing committee of the competition.


If you have any questions about admission to the double degree master’s program “Global Security, Nuclear Policy and WMD Non-Proliferation”, about passing the competition for an NTI scholarship and about the intricacies of the educational process, you can contact the Assistant Director for Special Projects, Educational Program Coordinator E.A. Karnaukhova. by email edu@pircenter.org.