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516 Issue Of Yaderny Kontrol Bulletin Is Out

December 3, 2019

Avangard weapon system has been demonstrated to American inspectors. If negotiations are conducted honestly, the United States can no longer claim that Russia refuses to exercise flexibility and take American concerns into consideration. Will this measure help extend the New START? The 516th issue of Yaderny Kontrol features materials that reflect part of the expert discussion on this issue in two capitals.

Gen. Evgeny Buzhinskiy, PIR Center Executive Board Chair, dwells on the future of nuclear arms control: “The current arms control system is bilateral, for one reason – the arsenals of Russia and the United States are incomparable to those of the other nuclear-weapon states. The idea of multilateral arms control has recently become popular, but does that idea have a chance to be implemented in the foreseeable future? I am sure it does not.”

PIR Center Director Vladimir Orlov asks four uncomfortable questions ahead of the 2020 NPT Review Conference: “Aren’t, in the times of digital technologies, reading all those lengthy national statements from the podium is something from the analog past, from the past century? Can’t we use our time more productively, as we all are aware of how to download the statements from the web site?”

The issue is available here (in Russian). The subscription form and the archive of the bulletin since 2000 are hosted on the bulletin page.