AUKUS alliance and the risks of armed conflict in the Asia-Pacific Region discussed at the 117th Spring Session of the Trialogue Club International

April 14, 2023

APRIL 14. MOSCOW. PIR PRESS. «At the Spring Session of the Trialogue Club International we discussed the deterioration of security in the Asia-Pacific region, primarily in the context of the AUKUS project and its prospects. But we also looked at a broader view… Our keynote speaker Vladimir Ladanov (Russian Foreign Ministry) and commentators – Ambassador Mikhail Lysenko, Professor Viktor Sumsky, Igor Vishnevetsky (Russian Foreign Ministry) – covered the topic in detail… Both members of the Club and special guests of the President of the Club took part in the lively discussion: diplomats, military, experts from Russia, China, the USA, France, Singapore, EU countries, New Zealand, etc. We will definitely continue monitoring this situation: what does it mean for Russia? how it “resonates” in the South Pacific… in the Antarctic…», – Dr. Vladimir Orlov, PIR Center Founder and Director.

On April 6, 2023, the 117th Spring Session of the Trialogue Club International took place. It was dedicated to the topic “The Thucydides Trap: AUKUS and Risks of Military Conflict in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Traditionally, Dr. Vladimir A. Orlov, President and Founder of the Trialogue Club International, Director and Founder of PIR Center, made a welcoming speech to the Club members and special guests. During his speech, he shared his opinion on the relevance of the topic under consideration for the international community. In addition, Dr. Vladimir Orlov presented the main news from the educational and scientific activities of the PIR Center. Particular attention was paid to the expansion of the PIR Center Advisory Board: for 2021–2023. 9 domestic specialists and 7 foreign experts representing such countries as Brazil, India, Libya, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, South Africa became its new members.

The Session was held in the format of a panel discussion. The keynote speaker was Vladimir Ladanov, Head of the South Pacific States Section, Third Asia Department, Russian Foreign Ministry. Expert comments on AUKUS and the security situation in the region were also provided by Viktor Sumskiy, Chief Research Fellow, Center for Asia Pacific Studies, IMEMO RAS, PIR Center Advisory Board Member; and Mikhail Lysenko, Deputy Director, International Law Department, School of Government and International Affairs, MGIMO University, PIR Center Advisory Board Member. The discussion was moderated by co-chairs of the Trialogue Club International Elena Chernenko and Gen. Evgeny Buzhinsky.

After the main speeches, a traditional Q&A session took place, during which the participants were able to raise the most pressing issues of the agenda, clarify the details of interest to them, and also share their own comments. In particular, comments were made by Igor Vishnevetsky, Deputy Director of the Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control, Russian Foreign Ministry, Dmitry Stefanovich, Research Fellow, Center for International Security, IMEMO RAS, PIR Center Advisory Board Member as well as representatives of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Russia.

As always, the meeting of the Trialogue Club International was held under Chatham House rules. Following the Session, the Club members and special guests were invited to an informal reception, in the course of which the participants of the meeting were provided an opportunity to discuss the key issues of international agenda in a freer format.

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