Comment by Dmitry V. Stefanovich, Member of the PIR Center Expert Council on the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly

February 22, 2023

On February 21, 2023, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin delivered an Address to the Federal Assembly, touching upon a number of important aspects of international and national security in his speech.

Dmitry V. Stefanovich, Research Fellow at the Center for International Security at the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO RAS), Member of the PIR Center Expert Council, gave a short comment on the key points of the Presidential Address:

In general, the presidential statements and subsequent comments by the Foreign Ministry, as well as the content of the package of documents received by the State Duma, allow us to assess the current approach as a moderate increase in rates. The situation remains relatively manageable both in the sphere of strategic arms control and in terms of the moratorium on nuclear tests, and, most importantly, no irreversible steps have yet been taken. I believe that, given the political will, responsible officials both in Moscow and Washington are quite capable of using the current crisis as an additional incentive to adapt existing mechanisms to the new era of multilateral confrontation

Stefanovich, Dmitry V.

E3/TSU – 02/23

Key words: Arms Control; Russia