Dr. Jayanta Dhanapala passed away

May 29, 2023

MOSCOW. MAY 29. PIR PRESS. “A member of PIR Center Advisory Board, our longtime friend for 30 years, Jayanta Dhanapala, has passed away. Wise Sri Lankan diplomat, whose contribution to the indefinite extension of the NPT was decisive. A supporter of nuclear disarmament, who at the same time understood, subtly felt all the difficulties associated with the implementation of Article 6 of the NPT. The hero of public diplomacy, who promoted not dogmas, but the voice of reason. A charming person with whom I have always been interested in conversations, wherever life brings us together: in Moscow, in Geneva, in New York, in Luang Prabang … In recent years, he has sought solitude from the idle bustle in his house somewhere then in the depths of Sri Lanka. Blessed memory,” Dr. Vladimir Orlov, PIR Center Founding Director.

On May 27, 2023, at the age of 85, Dr. Jayanta Dhanapala, Honored Research Fellow at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), member of the Supervisory Board of the International Luxembourg Forum, PIR Center Advisory Board member since 2004, passed away.

Since 1965, Dr. Jayanta Dhanapala was in the diplomatic service, devoted many years to work in the United Nations, playing a decisive role in holding the 1995 NPT Review Conference. He also conducted active research work.

Dr. Jayanta Danapala was deeply respected by his colleagues, representatives of the diplomatic and scientific community of different states and was remembered by the world as an active and energetic expert, sincerely committed to the ideas of nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

PIR Center expresses its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Jayanta Dhanapala.

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