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Feodor Voytolovsky Gave A Keynote Speech At The “Trialogue” Club International Meeting

October 29, 2019

MOSCOW, OCTOBER 28, 2019. PIR PRESS. – “Contrary to the widespread myth of deglobalization, our studies show that economic interdependence continues to grow”, – Director of Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and
International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO RAS) Feodor Voytolovsky gave a keynote speech at the Trialogue Club International meeting.

On October 15, 2019 Trialogue Club International and the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia held a joint discussion meeting on the topic “Will multilateral security model survive the new great power struggle?” Feodor Voytolovskiy, Director of IMEMO, was the keynote speaker. Defense Attaché of Switzerland Bruno Russi, Director of the PIR Center Vladimir Orlov and Chairman of the Trialogue Club International Evgeny Buzhinskiy also delivered welcome addresses.

The meeting was attended by diplomats and military diplomats from Austria, Hungary, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, Romania, Philippines, Finland, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Japan, as well as representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Moscow Representative Office of Marcuard Heritage Limited and other experts.

The emerging new world order, which is characterized by a qualitatively different distribution of power and elements of polycentricity, was the key issue of the speech of Feodor Voitolovsky. In his judgement, despite the impressive rise of China, the US and the EU will continue to play one of the leading roles in the world – especially in the field of high technology. The researcher paid special attention to the economic component of international relations. “Contrary to the widespread myth of deglobalization, our studies show that economic interdependence continues to grow. Moreover, the likelihood of a serious economic crisis repetition is minimal”. According to Dr. Voitolovsky, economic interdependence and nuclear deterrence act as a deterrent amid increasing international tension. “Whatever the politicians say, trade is going on.” In this context, the scholar highlighted the danger of using economic instruments for political and military purposes.

Then it was noted that existing international institutions were created in the context of bipolar confrontation, and today they are becoming less effective. At the same time, Fyodor Voitolovsky expressed cautious optimism regarding the future of multilateral institutions and legal regimes: “Although the old rules and principles are weakening and disappearing, subsequently leading players will recognize the need to develop new rules of the game”. According to the researcher, the IMEMO specialists have been advocating for the inclusion of the “global South” states in global governance institutions for many years. Providing India and Brazil with permanent membership in the UN Security Council should be one of the steps in this direction.

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