Happy Birthday to Jayanta Dhanapala

December 30, 2022

Jayanta Dhanapala, Honored Researcher at the Stockholm Institute for Peace Studies, member of the International Luxembourg Forum’s Supervisory Board, and member of the PIR Center Advisory Board since 2004, celebrates his birthday today.

Evgeny P. Buzhinskiy, Lieutenant-General (Retired), Ph.D. Military Sciences, Chairman of the PIR Center Executive Board, sends his congratulations to Jayanta Dhanapala:

Congratulations on the birthday of such a respected and honored expert as Jayanta Dhanapala! We sincerely wish you happiness, prosperity, joy, and, of course, success in your professional activities. Long life in peace and prosperity!

Buzhinskiy, Evgeny P.
On November 23, 2012 within the framework of Midweek Brainstorming Sessions PIR Center held a meeting with Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala

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