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How To Stands Behindthe New British Defence Strategy?

April 8, 2021

“Somewhere in the bowels of the tenth house on Downing Street, a fundamental decision was made: British diplomacy has few problems in connection with the UK’s exit from the EU – the British flag should be shown in all its glory and in military-strategic affairs. The UK felt that the chances of a successful NPT Review Conference were already too high and decided to tease the supporters of early nuclear disarmament by further increasing its nuclear arsenal. ” About the announced increase in the United Kingdom’s arsenal in the main note of the 531 issue of the bulletin Yaderny Kontrol.

“Boris Johnson announced the” build-up of the nuclear arsenal to 260 warheads.” Such political statements come from a weak leader who wants to look big and powerful and distract attention from his erratic actions related to Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic. It is unlikely that they will lead to an actual increase in the British nuclear potential. ” – Director of the Acronym Institute, member of the Expert Council of the PIR Center, Rebecca Johnson, published in the UK Government on March 16, 2021. Integrated Review of Security, Defense, Development, and Foreign Policy.

Ana Livia Estevez analyzes why Brazil did not sign the Additional Protocol: “For Brazil, refusing to sign the AP is a way to force the nuclear powers to take concrete steps towards disarmament. Brazil’s traditional position is that the NPT is, in fact, an unfair treaty that perpetuates the inequality between nuclear and non-nuclear States. »

The “Red Line” is undoubtedly a must-read for anyone who somehow monitors the situation around the Syrian chemical dossier. The main advantages of the book are the abundance of details and the fact that the Red Line allows us to understand the views of the United States on what is happening around the notorious chemical dossier. From the non-obvious: the book provides a new perspective on the US contribution to the fight against ISIS, which should not be exaggerated, but should not be understated. “- Review of the monograph by Joby Warrick ” Red Line: unraveling the race of Syria and America to destroy the most dangerous Arsenal in the world.”

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