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I Dream Of Politicians Who Would Treat The Authority Indifferently

April 9, 2022

MOSCOW. APRIL 9, 2022. PIR PRESS. “I would like Russia to be a democratic state in 20 years, a country with an exceptionally healthy ecology, a country that does not participate in any blocs, famous for its intellectual and scientific achievements. I want all countries to become neutral, and the issues of territorial affiliation, which now seem so important, would go by the wayside… Power is just one type of work. People do it – then pass it on to others to do something more interesting. What is politics? This is a power struggle. And they don’t fight for it there, because they don’t like the government. Now the main condition for achieving power is an insane love for her. I have met with many politicians of the first echelon, all of them are in love not with a woman, not with nature, not with creativity – but with power. And I dream of a society that would be indifferent to the authorities,” – Evgeny Kozhokin, Doctor of History, MGIMO Professor.

EDITORIALToday is the birthday of our guest of the project Open Collar, a member of the Advisory Board of PIR Center, Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Foreign Regional Studies of RSUH, MGIMO Professor, Doctor of History Evgeny Mikhailovich Kozhokin. We want to tell you not only about the scientist-historian, but also about the director, poet, writer. In today’s interview, Evgeny Mikhailovich shared his thoughts about the future of Russia, modern society, freedom and non-freedom in the USSR, the church, cinema and literature.

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