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New Issue Of The “Yaderny Kontrol” E-Journal

October 7, 2021

MOSCOW. October 7, 2021. PIR Press. “For the first time in several years, there seems to be less absurdity in international affairs. At least for Russia: there are no accusations of interference in elections, the announcement of bounties on the head of American military personnel and the use of “newcomers” around the world. There is a feeling that the partners listened to psychologists and began to practice awareness in foreign policy” – editor of the electronic journal “Yaderny Kontrol” Sergey Semenov. 

AUKUS, Russian-American talks in Geneva, JCPOA, gender in international security, CTBTO – these and other topics were touched upon and explored by our authors in the new issue of the electronic journal “Yaderny Kontrol”. 

Evgeny Buzhinsky, Chairman of the PIR Center Executive Board, Lieutenant-General (retired) comments on the results of the last round of Russian-American consultations on the subject of strategic stability. “I think this is a great success of Russian diplomacy. Two working groups have been created – according to the principles and tasks of future arms control and the potentials of the parties. But rapid progress, of course, should not be expected: too deep disagreements between Moscow and Washington”.

“The Kingdom does not intend to develop technologies for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel or enrich uranium on a proliferation-hazardous scale.” Kamal Araj, ex-deputy chairman of the Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission, talks about Jordan’s nuclear energy program and the prospects for cooperation with Russia.

Sergey Semyonov analyzes the lessons to be learned from the New START negotiations process and the solutions found by the negotiators to reach an agreement. Artem Kvartalnov is considering the concept of the Prompt Global Strike and the possible reaction of Russia and China to it.

Is it possible to put the “Khabarovsk trial” in a row with the Nuremberg and Tokyo? – Read Lyubov Soldatkina’s blog.

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