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New Issue Of The “Yaderny Kontrol” E-Journal

June 29, 2021

MOSCOW. JULY 30, 2021. PIR PRESS. “Russia and the United States no longer perceive each other as reliable partners. And it seems that the era of privileged interaction between Russia and the United States is coming to an end: every time it is becoming more and more difficult to solve the common problems. The experience of the Iran nuclear deal confirms that multilateral solutions provide the greatest foolproof, ” – Vladimir Orlov, Sergey Semenov on cooperation between Russia and the United States on non-proliferation issues.

The JCPOA negotiations, the Geneva summit, the elections in Iran, anti-satellite weapons, the US military budget – these and other topics were touched upon and explored by our authors in the new issue of “Yaderny Kontrol”.

Yulia Sveshnikova on the political course of the Iranian leadership after the election of a new president: “The situation for the next president of Iran will be difficult due to the pressure of economic problems and limited opportunities to negotiate and reach an agreement. This does not mean that the country will seek to create its own nuclear weapons or will decide to withdraw from the NPT”

Adlan Margoev recalls the history of Russian-American cooperation on the Iranian nuclear program and analyzes what it taught us (or not):”Iran’s nuclear program has been widely discussed over the past few decades and causes a lot of disputes between the countries. However, there are hardly any countries such as the United States and Russia, in whose bilateral agendas this issue would constantly appear.”

“Contrary to expectations, Biden did not make any cuts in the security sector. Nevertheless, even such an increase in spending does not suit either Democrats or Republicans. ” Why? – Read Alina Vernigora’s article.

“We like to say that the political will of the leaders of the countries is necessary to improve the situation. Well, it’s hard to argue. But it seems that Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko,Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev had enough will as well as their American counterparts. However, things haven’t budged an inch. ” – Elena Karnaukhova on why it is so difficult to achieve progress in the Russian-American dialogue on disarmament issues.

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