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PIR Center Congratulates On The Day Of Knowledge And Celebrates The 5th Anniversary Of The First Enrollment In The Master’s Program Of A Double Diploma In Nonproliferation (MGIMO-MIIS-PIR-Center)

September 1, 2021

MOSCOW. SEPTEMBER 1, 2021. PIR PRESS. September 1 is a great day to celebrate humanity’s pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Especially if we are talking about education in the field of international security, nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. September 1, 2021 is a special day for PIR Center: five years ago the first cohort of students were enrolled in the International Dual Degree M.A. Program Global Security, Nuclear Policy, and WMD Nonproliferation, developed jointly by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS, USA), and PIR Center. As a result of the “first five-year plan”, more than 40 people from all over the world graduated from our master’s program. Many of them are already successfully building their careers in the field of nonproliferation, peaceful nuclear energy, disarmament and global security in general. We are immensely proud of graduates and look forward to welcome new participants of PIR Center Education&Training program projects who will expand our great and internationally diverse PIR Alumni Community, – Elena Karnaukhova, Education&Training Program Coordinator.

The PIR Center congratulates on the Day of Knowledge! We wish schoolchildren, students, postgraduates and fellow teachers warm and joyful autumn. Let the learning process bring you only positive emotions and pleasure from the acquired knowledge!

Also today, the 5th anniversary of the first enrollment is celebrated by the double degree master’s program “Global Security, Nuclear Policy and WMD Nonproliferation”, implemented jointly by the PIR Center, MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California, USA. 5 years, 4 graduates, more than 40 graduates, most of whom achieve great results and success.

One of the graduates of our master’s program, Sergey Semenov, who is also a former intern, and now an employee of the PIR Center, was among the winners of the final track “Students” of the management competition “Leaders of Russia”! According to the results of remote selection and control testing, only 127 people came out of 15 thousand participants, one of whom is Sergey. “I am sincerely grateful to the PIR workshop for their experience and knowledge, which turned out to be very useful when passing a very difficult selection,” Sergey Semenov commented on his victory.

Another of our graduates, Inna Rodina, recently got a job at the Rosatom Technical Academy! “The dual degree Master’s program” Global Security, Nuclear Policy and WMD Nonproliferation ” was an excellent choice for me. The master’s program was taught by wonderful experts whose knowledge and experience helped me get closer to my dream – to become a professional in the field of nuclear policy and non-proliferation. Thanks to the training received during the training, it was not difficult to find a job in the specialty: already in August, I got a job at the Rosatom Technical Academy as a specialist in international activities. The tasks that I face at the Technical Academy meet my interests and the received specialty, and the friendly team inspires me to new victories and achievements,” Inna Rodina said. Both Sergey and Inna are graduates of the same set of 2021, but they have already managed to distinguish themselves with such impressive successes.

The PIR Center is looking forward to the start of the school year. This year, students from Russia, the USA, France and Italy will study at the program. They will dive into the problems of non-proliferation, nuclear security, international cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear energy and much more. We are sure that it will be very interesting! This is proved by the reviews of our students, graduates and teachers, which you can find here.

Learn more about the dual degree program in the field of nonproliferation.

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