PIR Center Delegation Conducted Negotiations with TRENDS Research & Advisory 

February 5, 2024

ABU DHABI. FEBRUARY 5, 2024. PIR PRESS. «We, at TRENDS Research and Advisory, are keen to strengthen cooperation with think tanks, research centers and academic institutions, especially international ones, that share the goals and visions of foreseeing the future with systematic and objective knowledge. PIR Center has specialized expertise in scientific research on nuclear weapons and work on their nonproliferation. This reflects positively on the promotion of TRENDS’ forward-looking studies and supports constructive cooperation between the two parties in achieving solid scientific outputs. TRENDS believes that collaboration between think tanks, research institutions, their analysts and experts, allows for the exchange of ideas, and the better mobilization of resources and capabilities. It also helps in reaching best practices and proposing the necessary policies to deal with issues and events and analyze them with scientific insights. The panel discussion organized in cooperation between the two centers is a proof of this fact and will enhance the understanding of international efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, which is a fundamental global security issue», — Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, СEO of TRENDS Research & Advisory.

On February 1, 2024, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Dr. Vladimir Orlov, PIR Center Founding Director, professor at MGIMO University, and Ms. Elena Karnaukhova, PIR Center Deputy Director-Education & Training Program Director, met with members of TRENDS Research & Advisory, the research organization in the UAE. 

During the negotiations, parties defined the steps for further expanding cooperation in research and educational activities, as well as discussed the plans for joint event.

In addition, as part of the meeting, a panel discussion took place on the topic Nuclear Nonproliferation: Current Problems and Future Prospects. The event was organized jointly by TRENDS Research & Advisory and PIR Center.

Dr. Vladimir Orlov, PIR Center Founding Director, professor at MGIMO University, provided expert opinion during the panel discussion. Among other topics, he paid particular attention to the future of nuclear energy in the Middle East and prospects for cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy. His comments generated considerable interest among the audience, especially in light of the UN Climate Change Conference which had been held in Dubai, UAE, from November 30 to December 12, 2023. In his presentation, Dr. Vladimir Orlov also highlighted the high potential for cooperation between Russia and the countries of the Persian Gulf in the field of high technologies, acquainting participants with the recently released report by PIR Center and MGIMO University On Both Sides of the Persian Gulf: the Development of High-Tech Business in the Region and Russia’s Interests.

“The cooperation between PIR Center and TRENDS Research & Advisory, which at first sight started only recently, has become an important part of the process of expanding the interaction between Russian and Middle Eastern expert communities. Our views on international trends and current problems are very similar. It is especially symbolic that earlier this year PIR Center has released a report on the prospects of cooperation between Russia and the Gulf States in the field of high tech. I am confident that it will boost further dialogue between our countries even on a wide range of global security issues, including nuclear threats and risks for nuclear nonproliferation regime,” — Dr. Vladimir Orlov, PIR Center Founding Director, professor at MGIMO University noted.

Ms. Gina Bou Serhal, Researcher at TRENDS Research & Advisory, and Ms. Elena Karnaukhova, PIR Center Deputy Director-Education & Training Program Director, also delivered their speeches at the panel discussion. Ms. Elena Karnaukhova focused on the current state of the NPT review process and prospects for coordination on nuclear nonproliferation issues within the BRICS+. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Sultan Majed Al-Ali, Researcher and Director of Global Barometer Department at TRENDS Research & Advisory. The event participants were represented by heads of individual research areas of the organization and UAE specialists on a wide range of international relations issues.

At the invitation of TRENDS Research & Advisory, Dr. Vladimir Orlov also participated in an extensive podcast interview, where, in addition to nuclear nonproliferation issues, he discussed the prospects of Russian Chairship in BRICS and the experience of PIR Center as a non-governmental organization, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024.

Key words: Nuclear Nonproliferation; Global Security; BRICS; Persian Gulf; High-Tech 


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