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PIR Center Discusses Development Strategy

July 21, 2021

MOSCOW – ZVENIGOROD, JULY 21, 2021. PIR PRESS. «PIR Center is a small organization, but it is very active and productive. That is why we strive to act in synergy with our partners. Our main programs are guided by the same approach. We are trying to use the advantages and features of a small non-governmental organization, our educational, research and practical activities in the information field to promote international dialogue on nonproliferation, disarmament and global security, as well as to strengthen the positions of Russian diplomacy in this area», – PIR Center Director & Founder Vladimir Orlov.

In July, the series of expanded meetings on strategic planning and development of PIR Center’s basic programs for 2021-2022 period ended. During these events, the program coordinators presented their vision of the results and follow-up prospects of PIR Center’s activities: Coordinator of Nuclear Nonproliferation& Russia Program Sergey SemenovInformation & Publications Program Coordinator Nikita Degtyarev and Assistant to Director on Special Projects, Education & Training Program Coordinator Elena Karnaukhova.

At the first meeting on the strategic planning and development of Nuclear Nonproliferation& Russia Program staff members, interns, consultants of the Program, members of PIR Center Advisory Board, colleagues from business and state entities discussed directions of development of the scientific and research projects of PIR Center. Within 8 projects of Nuclear Nonproliferation& Russia Program, there were presented main results of 2020 activities and plans for research of the burning issues on global security. Our colleagues and guests of honor contributed to the bulk of ideas and proposals which could be implemented in 2021-2022: Chairman of PIR Center Executive Board Evgeny Buzhinsky, PIR Center Advisory Board members Dmitry Kovchegin, Vladimir Lebedev and Vladimir Dvorkin, Head of Section at the Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Trofimov, PIR Center Executive Board member Evgeny Maslin, General Director of International Uranium Enrichment Center Joint Stock Company Gleb Efremov and others. During the discussion, the experts emphasized the high level of analytics in PIR Center’s distinctive areas of research and noted the importance of developing such new projects as Prospects of the Russian-Chinese Dialogue on Global Security, Nuclear Nonproliferation, and Arms Control and Oral History of Nuclear Nonproliferation: Voices from Russia. The participants also showed interest in the upcoming PIR Center monograph on the lessons of Russian-American cooperation on nuclear nonproliferation. The efforts of PIR Center to preserve the legacy of Russia’s policy on arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation were highly appreciated.

For the successful promotion of PIR Center’s scientific achievements, dynamic development of information and media support is necessary. This issue came to the fore at the expanded meeting on strategic planning and development of PIR Center’s Information & Publications Program. Despite the wide representation of respected experts, the voice of the younger generation sounded louder at this meeting. PIR Center employees and numerous trainees conducted a brainstorming session on the development of a new PIR Center Web Site, publication of Security Index Occasional Paper Series in both Russian and Global editions, and preparation of PIR Press News and Pirogue Newsletter. The participants highlighted an urgent need to create vibrant, informative audio and video content on multiple social media platforms to attract more younger followers and readers.

The top priorities of PIR Center and its partners include the development of Education & Training Program. The meeting on strategic planning and development of educational activities that took place in an online format brought together teachers of PIR Center International School on Global Security and International Dual-Degree MA Program in WMD Nonproliferation Studies, Nuclear Policy, and Global Security (MGIMO-MIIS-PIR-Center), PIR-Center partners from Moscow and regional universities, consultants and members of PIR Center Advisory Board. Among the participants, for example, were Department of World Politics at TSU Larisa Deriglazova, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (retired), Associate Professor, International Law Department, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) Mikhail Lysenko, Member of PIR Center Advisory Board, Chief Researcher of the Center for International Security of the IMEMO RAS Alexander Savelyev, General Director of IUEC JSC Gleb Efremov, and other guests. They noted the high quality of PIR Center’s educational products and noted that projects such as International School on Global Security and Dual Degree M.A. Program in Nonproliferation Studies (MGIMO-MIIS-PIR Center) are developing a unique cluster of professional education in Russia and abroad. PIR Center’s pilot projects – the launch of an Online Platform for Education & Research NONPROLIFERATION.RU & NONPROLIFERATION.WORLD and holding the Timerbaev debates for students and young professionals in the field of nonproliferation, disarmament and global security – also got positive review. Representatives of Moscow and regional universities, as well as research entities and business companies, once again confirmed their readiness to strengthen the network of partnership and cooperation between the academic centers of Russia and PIR Center by promoting new and ambitious projects.

The presented strategy for the development of PIR Center’s key programs was positively assessed by the participants and highlighted an extensive scope of work for PIR Center team, trainees and interns for the 3rd trimester of 2021 and in 2022.

PIR Center staff and PIR Community members also discussed this working agenda and the results of the SDP meetings in an informal manner – on a hike along the Moskva River near Zvenigorod, an old city near Moscow, where PIR Center International Schools on Global Security are traditionally held, and more recently it has also become a venue for some individual meetings of the Trialogue Club International, other scientific and educational events. The hike passed along the nature reserves, where, in the countryside, PIR Center team held a brainstorming session on the strategic development of the organization. «I am satisfied with the results. PIR Center team can handle the assigned tasks. Precisely because we are a team. And due to the support we receive from the entire PIR Center Community», – concluded Vladimir Orlov.

To learn more about PIR Center’s key programs, projects and directions of the organization’s work in 2021-2022 you can here.