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PIR Center Launches Survey Among Its Alumni

July 26, 2021

MOSCOW, JULY 26, 2021. PIR PRESS. «Thanks to our PIR Alumni Community, PIR Center has reached a quarter-century milestone and successfully continues its educational, research and project activities. In 2021, PIR Center celebrated its 27th anniversary – it is unique for non-governmental organizations that don’t exist for so long. Moreover, PIR Center not only exists but also fruitfully works and develops new approaches to solving the problems of nonproliferation, disarmament and global security. Many thanks to our PIR Alumni Community members for their help, support and assistance» – PIR Center Education and Training Program Coordinator Elena Karnaukhova.

PIR Center is primarily about people, about those who have been breathing life into the unique body of an independent non-profit organization specializing in nonproliferation, disarmament and global security for 27 years. Over the years, PIR Center has managed to create a genuine and friendly international community of experts – PIR Alumni Community. Its most impressive element is our graduates, there are already more than 1000 of them, they convey and promote the ideas and values of PIR Center all over the world – from Moscow to New York, from St. Petersburg to Podgorica. Among them are more than 750 alumni of PIR Center’s main education projects: International School on Global Security, training and lecture courses, Internship Program, the International Dual-Degree MA in Nonproliferation Studies (implemented jointly by MIIS-MGIMO-PIR Center), etc.

We value close ties with our alumni and do our best to keep in touch with them. Unfortunately, despite new technologies and forms of communication, in the modern world it is still rather difficult to maintain strong ties at a distance. To do this, we appeal to everyone who, in different years, participated in PIR Center’s education projects, attended International Schools on Global Security, training, lectures, had an internship at PIR Center, or completed the Dual Degree Master’s Program in Nonproliferation Studies. Dear friends, please complete our short but informative survey – this will help us not to lose contact with you because every member of PIR Alumni Community is important to us. You can answer the survey questions via the link

By answering a few questions, you can always stay in touch with PIR Center, receive up-to-date newsletters and have a channel for cooperation! We hope that soon the pandemic situation and logistic conditions will allow us to gather, recall the past PIR days and share plans for the future and thoughts on possible areas of our cooperation.

For detailed information on the activities of the PIR Center Education & Training Program and PIR Alumni Community, please contact Assistant to Director on Special Projects & Education and Training Program Coordinator Elena Karnaukhova by e-mail