Status: Open

PIR Center Publishes The Paper “New Arms Technologies And Their Potential Impact On Strategic Stability” By Andrey Baklitskiy

December 13, 2019

“Strategic stability in its classical sense – the state of relations between Russia and the United States, in which the parties have no incentive to launch the first nuclear strike – was developed between the two countries during the Cold War. This kind of stability is ensured through actions that “increase the survival of [nuclear forces], eliminate the incentives to launch the first nuclear strike, and embody the corresponding relationship between strategic offensive and defensive means.” The development of new types of weapons (including high-precision non-nuclear, hypersonic and space-based missile defense systems) has a direct impact on strategic stability. A major change in the balance of power between Russia and the United States could undermine stability, making the likelihood of a nuclear conflict more real,” – Consultant to PIR Center and Researcher of the Center for Global Trends and International Organizations of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrey Baklitskiy. 

Read the paper (in Russian)