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PIR Center Publishes The Report “Military Aspects Of AI: Threats And A New Arms Race” By Vadim Kozyulin

November 30, 2019

“Today, the world is witnessing so-called ‘Technological Predominance or Technological Dictatorship’ process, which means that emerging technologies get introduced in a military sphere for modernization of existing and production of new arms. There is not a politician or a military man who would confirm that artificial intelligence (AI) is in charge of strategic decisions. Though people are currently dealing with weak AI, strong AI and even ‘super-AI’ are to be available in the not so distant future. It cannot be excluded that technology development will enable the AI to take decisions, including strategic ones. A technological revolution provokes an arms race, where a country has to catch up with front runners or it runs a risk of falling behind forever.” – Director of PIR Center’s Emerging Technologies and Global Security Project Vadim Kozyulin.

Read the report (in Russian)