Status: Open

PIR Center Publishes The Report “The Future Of The Vienna Document: Prospects For The Further Development Of Confidence- And Security-Building Measures In Europe” By Oleg Shakirov

December 5, 2019

PIR Center publishes the report “The Future of the Vienna Document: Prospects for the Further Development of Confidence- and Security-Building Measures in Europe” by Oleg Shakirov (SECURITY INDEX Occasional Paper Series, №5, 2019) in light of the 26th Meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Bratislava. 

The author of the report, Oleg Shakirov, not only analyses the discussions surrounding the updating of the Vienna Document, describing the fundamental difference in the approaches of Russia and Western countries, but also proposes practical steps aimed at creating conditions for its modernization. Specific recommendations on strengthening confidence-building measures, which are outlined in the document, take into account Russia’s national interests and the commitment of all interested OSCE participants to regional security, and can be used in the negotiations on updating the Vienna Document.

Read the report (pdf)