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PIR Center Staff And Guests Met With Samuel Charap

November 19, 2019


On November 11, 2019, a meeting was held between PIR Center employees and guests with a senior researcher at the RAND Corporation Samuel Charap. The meeting was attended by the PIR Center Emerging Technologies and Global Security Project Director Vadim Kozyulin, Associate Professor of Academy of Engineering at the RUDN University Sergey Ponamarev, researcher at the Center for European Studies at the Institute for International Studies of MGIMO Alexander Chekov, PIR Center consultants Albert Zulkharneev and Oleg Shakirov, PIR Center Educational Program Director Yulia Sych, as well as PIR Center interns Nikita Degtyarev and Sergey Semenov.

RAND Corporation researcher presented the concept of his project “Rethinking U.S.-Russia strategic deterrence” and discussed it with the meeting participants. Also, during the discussion, special attention was paid to the concept of counter-force strike, understanding of the term “unacceptable damage”, the concept of deterrence and strategic stability.