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The 3rd Prepcom Of The 2020 NPT Review Conference Concluds In New York

May 12, 2019

MOSCOW, MAY 12. PIR PRESS. “The latest prepcom has two main opposite results: in two weeks it was not possible to reach consensus among the NPT members and agree on the text of recommendations for the 2020 Review Conference, but it was decided to appoint Argentinean diplomat Rafael Mariano Grossi as the Chair of the Review Conference – his formal appointment will take place at the end of 2019,” Adlan Margoev, PIR Center “Russia and Nuclear Nonproliferation” Program Director. 

A further delay in the appointment of the chairman could have negative impact on the preparations for the Review Conference, but now the permanent representative of Argentina at international organizations in Vienna can safely consult with the treaty members. 

The PIR Center delegation was supported by the Gorchakov Fund for the second time, and it included three young specialists. Members of the delegation prepared daily notes on the course of the discussions at the meetings and the prepcom lobby, and also took part in a Russian-American seminar on the NPT review process in track 2.5 format.
Thanks to the support by the Gorchakov Fund, young specialists from Russia have not only their own understanding of how the NPT review process functions, but also developed professional contacts abroad. The consistent work in this direction makes possible to bring Russian views on nonproliferation and arms control issues to foreign diplomats and experts on expert channels in support of official Russian diplomacy.