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The Security Index Occasional Paper Series Came Out With The New Report “Nuclear Sanctions: Overview And Risks For The Nuclear Industry” By Alexandra Zubenko, Vladimir Nezhdanov And Sergey Semenov

March 5, 2022

MOSCOW. MARCH 5, 2022. PIR PRESS. The Security Index Occasional Paper Series came out with the new report “Nuclear sanctions: overview and risks for the nuclear industry” by Alexandra Zubenko, Vladimir Nezhdanov and Sergey Semenov.

Russian leadership in the nuclear field is causing increasing irritation in the West. Russia’s competitors resort to unscrupulous means: from black PR to economic sanctions. In these conditions, a deep and comprehensive analysis of competitive strategies of rivals and possible counteraction options is in demand. It is for this purpose that PIR Center is launching a series of publications on methods of unfair competition in the peaceful use of nuclear energy market. In this research paper, the authors analyze the mechanics of the introduction and lifting of U.S. sanctions in relation to the peaceful atom, and also consider the experience of the PRC in countering such unilateral restrictions.

Key findings:

  • It can be expected that in the foreseeable future Rosatom will retain its global leadership in the field of nuclear energy and the application of nuclear technology achievements for the benefit of the world.
  • A Euro-American consensus is beginning to take shape in the world regarding the containment of China’s technological development as a likely competitor.
  • Economic restrictions are dictated by the escalating political struggle and the desire to inflict a tangible blow to the economic interests of the rival , rather than commercial interests.
  • The United States uses the tactics of “intimidation” of Russian and European companies, forcing them to withdraw from the Iranian market, however, they are wary of imposing sanctions directly.
  • Direct economic sanctions against Rosatom can be imposed only in the event of a sharp escalation of the confrontation between Russia and the collective West.
  • Rosatom is little dependent on foreign technologies, but U.S. sanctions may hinder Rosatom’s cooperation with Western companies.

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