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To Be Open And Not Judge Anyone

July 17, 2021

MOSCOW, JULY 17, 2021. PIR PRESS. “For me, the PIR Center was also Moscow at that time. To come from the province and meet such people is a wonderful time, my youth”, – a graduate student at the Institute of History and Political Sciences of TSU, Pavel Mansurov.

EDITORIAL: Today’s issue of «Open Collar» is “younger” than usual. Pavel Alexandrovich Mansurov, who after completing his postgraduate studies at Tyumen State University got an internship at the PIR Center in 2006, spoke with us. Pavel Mansurov has worked his way up from an intern to the editor of the Security Index journal. The “Siberian call” was traditionally strong in PIR Center; but at that time it was determined mainly by the “Tomsk” and “Novosibirsk” ones. Pavel opened the “Tyumen page” for PIR Center, anticipating the moment when Moscow discovered the “Tyumen page”. The “Native PIR Center ones” saw how happy Pavel was to immerse himself in Moscow, in its theatrical, cultural layer, especially bearing in mind that in those years the office of the PIR Center was located on the Patriarch’s Ponds, in the same building with the theater. Pavel made a significant contribution not only to the process of editing the journal, but also to its successful promotion in Russia and abroad. Both the cover and the structure of the Security Index of the sample of 2007 and the entire subsequent decade are the fruit of team work, but Pavel played the leading violin in this editorial team. Pavel left the PIR Center and went straight “into the sky” – into the aviation business. We talked about his work in Africa, Afghanistan and the peculiarities of Islamic society.

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