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Zelenskomania And The Destroyed Image Of Switzerland

April 20, 2022

Swiss political scientist Gui Mettan in the article “Zelenskomania and the destroyed image of Switzerland” (in French) shared his expert vision of the armed conflict in Ukraine:

● The Russian military operation is an improvised and risky maneuver carried out in an emergency.

● The main winner after the war in a political sense will be the United States, because Biden’s team cleared its name in the eyes of public opinion by withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Now they want to become “valiant white knights” in the eyes of Europeans, at the same time forcing them to buy shale gas.

● The other winners are China, India and the countries of the South, which greedily watch as the West is torn apart and weakens itself for a long time ahead. The position of neutrality or non-alignment helped them.

● A big loss is suffered by Ukraine, which is losing much more now than it would have lost in the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

● Another category of losers is the European public. “They no longer have any weight in relation to the Americans, whose vassals they have become.” American energy dependence with high prices is coming, and the need to build nuclear power plants will sacrifice the fight against global warming.

● Switzerland’s concessions in bank secrecy cases and the rapid enforcement of sanctions by the US and the EU put it in a dependent position and blur the Swiss identity.

● Russia is both a winner and a loser. On the one hand – possible victories in the military and strategic plane, on the other – the stigma of a warmonger and aggressor. It pays a high human, cultural, economic and political price.

● Ukrainian editorial policy has an extensive network, including public relations firms, Telegram channels, press agencies and mass media, and such a policy is successful in the West, while Latin America, Africa and Asia have a dissimilar agenda.

Read more in the article by Guy Mettan, journalist, member of Parliament in Geneva, former editor-in-chief of the Tribune de Geneve newspaper and executive director of the Swiss Press Club.