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On Strategic Stability

Our position is clear: if you want to discuss security and stability issues that are critical for the entire planet, this must be done as a package including, of course, all aspects that have to do with our national interests and have a direct bearing on the security of our country, the security of Russia… At the same time, I would like to reiterate (I think this is important for everyone) that no enduring international order is possible without a strong and sovereign Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Address to the Federal Assembly
February 29, 2024

If we accept compartmentalization now, we will get a sluggish discussion around the same topics… The alternative is a holistic approach proposed by Russia in 2020-2021. Security guarantees for Russia with a focus on curbing NATO’s harmful activities along the perimeter of Russian borders; arms control covering all elements of the strategic equation — these are the key factors affecting the state’s security.

We are open to finding mutually acceptable solutions so as not to accidentally blow up the whole world. Let’s risk saying even more here: Russian experts are still open to discussing the entire range of issues of Russian-US arms control. But exclusively with a focus on the future…

But the game of compartmentalizing is not for us.

Lieutenant-General Evgeniy Buzhinskiy, Dr. Vladimir Orlov, Mr. Sergey Semenov,
“Against Compartmentalization”,
December 26, 2023

Key words: Russia-USA; Arms Control; Nuclear Nonproliferation; Global Security


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