The basic requirements for the entries 

For the competition named after G.M. Evstafiev (hereinafter referred to as the competition), papers published in the PIR Center’s Security Index and Security Index Occasional Paper Series as part of the Evstafiev Series for the current year are accepted.

The Evstafiev Series is a series of research and scientific-practical publications by young, novice authors from Russia and various countries of the world in the field of international security – primarily postgraduates and undergraduates.

All papers undergo mandatory external review and preliminary discussion at PIR Center scientific and educational seminars or in similar formats.

The competition accepts projects of research papers (articles, scientific notes, reports) that are devoted to topical issues of international security, mainly on the issues of WMD nonproliferation, arms control, strategic stability, cybersecurity and cyberthreats, Internet governance, countering international terrorism, as well as challenges and threats to regional security, to the extent that they are associated with challenges and threats to the interests of the Russian Federation.

Entries on the following topics are also eligible for the competition:

  • dialogue between Russia and China on issues of global and regional security;
  • BRICS and peace and security issues;
  • Middle Eastern security issues (to the extent that they affect the interests of the Russian Federation);
  • new technologies and interests of Russia;
  • modern technologies and open source analysis for assessing nuclear nonproliferation threats;
  • advanced weapons systems and their impact on strategic stability;
  • new ideas for Russia’s security policy; military-strategic issues in the Asia-Pacific region (to the extent that they affect the interests of the Russian Federation);
  • the consequences of existing and risks of new sanctions for the strategic regions of Russia;
  • Russia-Africa Strategic Dialogue Prospects for a New European Security Architecture and Arms Control in Europe;
  • prospects for nuclear energy and its individual aspects (floating power units, NSMM), as well as features in various regions of the world (such as Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia).

Samples of the scope, structure and design of papers submitted for the competition can be found among the already published scientific notes of the Evstafiev series in the Security Index Occasional Paper Series in Russian and in English.

  • papers can be submitted in Russian or English.
  • citizenship, place of residence of the author does not matter.
  • at the time of submission of the work for consideration, the author should not be older than 30 years.

The winner of the competition becomes a laureate of the Evstafiev Award, the size of which is set annually by the jury of the competition.

Contestants should send their entries to PIR Center Information & Publications Program Coordinator Ksenia Mineeva at with the note: For the competition – Evstafiev Series no later than November 15, 2023. All entries submitted for the competition must be exclusive; sending them to the competition automatically means transferring the rights to them to the PIR Center.

List of winners of the Evstafiev Award: