№ 2, 2024. Further Sanctions against Iran Pointless

May 23, 2024

Nothing New Under the Sun

The Iranian nuclear problem is a multi-faceted issue, which is tightly interlinked with many other problems on the international agenda. For more than a decade we have been facing a paradoxical situation; all our attempts to find a resolution to the problems related to the Iranian nuclear program are not yielding any results, even though these efforts have included elements of pressure as well as elements of dialogue, i.e. attempts at political engagement of the Iranian side to discuss the problem.

Ryabkov, Sergey A.

Today, we are pleased to recall the interview of Dr. Vladimir Orlov, Founding Director of PIR Center, with H.E. Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, “Further Sanctions against Iran Pointless“, which was initially published in Security Index Occasional Paper Series No. 3, Vol. 100, 2012.

Key words: Nuclear Nonproliferation; Iran


F4/SOR – 24/05/23