Evstafiev Award

In 2021, PIR Center established a competition for the G.M. Evstafiev Award, or the Evstafiev Award, for the best research work in the field of international security. To hold the Competition in 2021, the Commission for the Scientific Heritage of G.M. Evstafiev was formed.

The competition is held annually among young Russian and foreign researchers whose works have been published as part of the Evstafiev Series or accepted by members of the Commission to participate in the Competition. The amount of the award is set annually by the Commission.

The Evstafiev Series is a series of research and analytical publications written by young, aspiring authors (primarily, MA graduates and post-graduates) from Russia and around the globe in the area of global security. For many, this is their first or one of the first peer-reviewed publications. All drafts are subjects to external evaluation by a panel at expert-level or educational seminars by PIR Center or in similar formats. Only drafts accepted by the expert panel are submitted for peer review and, if positive, for publication in the Series.

Annually, on November 15, The Evstafiev Series Selection Committee announces its decision on the Evstafiev Award. Gennady M. Evstafiev (1938–2013) is an outstanding Soviet and Russian WMD nonproliferation and global security expert. He devoted the last ten years of his life to PIR Center, where he worked as a Senior Advisor and Senior Vice President. Gennady Evstafiev paid special attention to the progress in creativity and analytical skills of young generation, considering this to be PIR Center’s – and his own – most important mission.

List of winners of the Evstafiev Award:

In 2021 – Sergey Semenov, Researcher at the PIR Center, Strategic Offensive Arms Control in Russia-U.S. Relations: Lessons Learned.

In 2022 – Leonid Tsukanov, Editor-in-chief of the PIR Center website, The Ups and Downs of the Cyber Caliphate: Al-Qaeda* and ISIS* in the digital space.

The press release about the award ceremony is available at the link.

The requirements to the works submitted to the contest are here.